A small trick when developing flex code that talks to hosting server

I often develop my flex code on a machine that is not running a web server. So I have to hardcode the IP of a working server when I need to pull data from the hosting server.

This can be a pain because before you checkin the code you have to remember to change the method of pulling the IP address.

So here is my solution var domain:String=mx.utils.URLUtil.getServerName(url); var port_nbr:int=mx.utils.URLUtil.getPort(url); if (flash.system.Security.sandboxType == “localTrusted”) { Alert.show(“In Development mode:”+domain+”,”+port); webService.wsdl=””; } else { webService.wsdl=”http://”+domain+”:”+port+”/services/wsdl”; } Obviously this is for web services but this technique can be used for sockets as well.

Written on March 22, 2008