DVRs for over the air TV

#DVRs for over the air TV

One of the advantages of cable service is something that is totally unrelated to their content. The settop box is a great convience. The emergence of MSO provided DVRs has added a lot of value to their service. So if you really do want to cut the cord its time to consider how are you going to replace that $10/month leased settop box.

There are a couple of options. The grand-daddy of them all is Tivo (Yes they’re still in business.) Tivo and ReplayTV(and they are not) invented the DVR business. However Tivo is notorious for being expensive. Not just for the initial price ($149-349) but also the monthly charge $15/month. You can also get a lifetime account for $500. (Thats a 3 year payback).
Used Tivos with lifetime memberships can be a good deal off of ebay. You can pickup a series 2 Tivo (OK 8 years old) with a lifetime account for $100. But it should work well. The newer Tivos do more than TV though. They do netflix, amazon and other stuff thats kind of cool if you dont have a smart tv or smart dvd player. But The monthly fee is what you were trying to get away from when you cut the cable cord. Tivo really needs to rethink their target market.

DVR Size Price Tuner Count Notes
BriteView 980H 320GB $163.50 ? Buggy
ChannelMaster DTV7400 320GB $240 1 Seems solid, middle of road quality
Digital Stream DHP1000R 320GB $240 1 buggy
DVICO TViX M6620N your own drive $380 2 Highly rated DVR. You add your own hard drive.
ePVision PHD-VRX 320GB $500 2 Middle of the road
Tivo 320GB $149 + $15/month 2 All DVRs are compared to it.
Written on May 13, 2013