To install node.js as a windows service you need three items.

  • NSSM
  • node.js for windows .
  • Your node.js application.

Unzip your node.js code in a directory. Let’s say its c:\helloworld\hi.js Install both nssm and node.js for windows. Let’s assume that node.js is in c:\Users\atlantageek\node.exe

Run ‘nssm install’ from the directory you installed nssm. A window will pop up. On my version it looks similar to the following. *The path will be the path to node.js

  • Startup directory will be the path where the js code and modules are located.
  • The options will be the actual js appliction file. For my example it will look like the following.

nssm service installer

This is the very basic that you need. You can also define Standard In and Standard Out redirection in the I/O tab.

Once the service is created. You can start and stop it from services manager thats built into windows.

Written on March 28, 2014