Redesign of Wi-spy Web interface.

So originally I wanted to build a web inteface for the wi-spy spectrum analyzer. I proved the concept with the first version. You can watch the short video yourself that goes over the design. The biggest problem with the application was that it required a lot of infrastructure. It required a special verion of spec_Tool to collect the data, node.js to supply the web server and a redis daemon to act inbetween. When I started adding code to store off historical data I realized I’d need another technology such as tokyo cabinet and the like. This proved even more difficult because I need a locking mechanism between the reader and the writer.

Finally I decided that it was time to get to the basics. The latest version of this tool is written totally in C (spectool_red) htat will collect data, supply the web interface and store the historical data in tokyo cabinet. This is really only one executable. More details can be found here

Written on August 18, 2013