Tommie M. Jones


Summary of Qualification * Well versed in web development. * Strong Unix Background, 10 years of experience * Graduate education and experience in Operations Research and Statistics * Experience with object oriented methodologies. * Technologies: SPSS,Oracle, Apache, CGI, Oracle,XML, MS Access, MySQL, Rails, Unix and Windows 2000/NT, Adobe Flex * Unix Systems: (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX) * xtensive Infrastructure and Architecture experience Professional Experience Dec.2005 - Current Sunrise Telecom Broadband Group Software engineer & Team Lead Sunrise Telecom develops test equiptment for the telecommunications industry. The Broadband Group is responsible for Cable testing equiptment. I was the first web engineer hired in the Atlanta office. Built Web and Linux group inside the Atlanta office Developed 3 web applications from scratch. Two were in PHP/Cake and 1 was in Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex Was the architect for 2 additional applications (1 windows and 1 PHP/Cake) that was developed by 4 offshore (China) engineers Largest project was a Rails application that used flex for reporting and ruby servers to communicate to monitoring equipment in a proprietary binary protocol. Also required custom MySQL functions written in C that allowed arithmetic functions on arrays in blobs in MySQL Managed the hiring process of 5 engineers. 3 reported to me. 2 were for a new Linux firmware group meant to takeover a project from a closed office. These 2 did not report to me. My group and I were also responsible for configuring and administering the Wiki, Bugzilla, Subversion and a document search engine. Not only was I involved with development I visited customer sites to get feedback on the products. Feb. 2005 - Dec. 2005 Internet Security Systems Software Developer Developed Build tools for product development team. Oct.2004 - Dec. 2004 Verizon Contractor Developed a web based tool that reported, analyzed and forecast cellphone traffic. Software includes Oracle, Mysql, Apache, Perl and Solaris. Analysis techniques include linear regression and exponential smoothing. March 2002 - Oct. 2004 Retek Senior Associate Scientist On site in London, UK for 4 months. I worked with Sainsbury/Accenture on how to improve their forecasting model performance. Analyzed product selling patterns to identify the best fit statistical forecasting model for their product lines. The models used included Bayesian statistics and causal forecasting.

Architect/Lead Developer of Curve 10.5 written in C++. Supervised and Trained Retek Labs contract software engineers on the RPAS API for Version 11.0 Developing Retail Sales Forecasting system using Multi-dimensional database. Developed forecasting software in C++ on both windows and unix. Pricing Analysis for Best Buy using Regression and Mixed Integer Programming. Developed product configuration software in Java using SWING. Taken a client facing role in the later portion of my career at Retek. Worked at a client’s site in London for four months in 2004. Taken a Scientist role doing price optimization and data analysis for one client. Oct. 2001 - March 2002 IBSS Contract Developer Developing tools for development group in Perl and Unix Shell scripting. Part of Development team for custom manufacturing software. May 2000 - Aug. 2001 SilverPop

Senior Developer Designed and Developed Content Management System (CMS) for a Dynamic Messaging System written in PHP, Perl and Java. Since the CMS was a central component of the product, this required major requirement collection from other developers to make sure the product met its goal. Developed with SQL and Oracle as the database Designed and Developed User/Group/Role management component of the Dynamic Messaging System. Coded Unit Testing for automated testing system. Worked with QA and Product Support to resolve lingering issues. Developed mail tracking system using embedded html messages that tracked when and how email was opened (written in Java) Modified Apache Module written in C to connect to Silverpop’s server application through sockets. Worked with XML and XSL. Developed mainly on Linux operating system. Converted CGI scripts to use mod_perl 1998 - May 2000 ICC/GR Software Senior Developer and Release Engineer System Administrator for Linux, Unix, Sun, Solaris, HP and HP-UX systems Maintained last release of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) product written in C, C++ and Oracle SQL. Developed Intranet site that generated dynamic images with Perl/GD that graphed data from bug tracking database (Written in Oracle). Worked with development group to simplify and automate release procedures for main product Wrote Business case for the implementation of a Knowledge Management system. Wrote Several Unix tools in Perl and ksh, that monitored mission critical processes Worked with main development group to simplify release processes. Worked closely with Customers to make sure the product worked on their configuration of Unix/ Database versions. Maintained Infrastructure for development group Developed configurable Proxy server for SFDM’s API written in C, LEX, YACC Converted code to New versions of HP-UX and Solaris and new version of Oracle Acted as Unix System Administrator and DBA for product development team 1995 - 1998 IBSS Developer/Team Lead Worked with AIX, HP-UX and NCR versions of Unix part of development team for proprietary application server that used a lot of IPC functions (Shared memory, semaphores) Interfaced barcode scanners and barcode printers to Unix systems. Used ODBC to interface system to Relational Database. Assisted in design of custom manufacturing floor tracking application On Developmentent team for 4GL compiler project which used LEX & YACC. Team Lead of small team that customized Manufacturing system for customer. Duties included making sure project was on time and interfacing with clients. Worked closely with Customers to solve issues and do training. Maintained order processing system that included manual order entry and EDI Maintained Project written in Perl Skills Operating Systems:

Unix, Linux

Software SAS, SPSS, WordNet, Apache, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office

Programming, Protocols and Mark-Up Languages: C, C++, 4GL, SMTP, Perl {LWP, GD}, CGI, DBI, Javascript, Java, HTML, JDBC, XML, LDAP


Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access

Education 2001 - 2005: Georgia State University, Atlanta Ga Masters of Science in Business Analytics [Robinson School of Business]

1993 - 1995: North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Masters of Engineering Major: Integrated Manufacturing Systems

1989 - 1993: North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Bachelor of Science Major: Computer Science Minor: Industrial Engineering

References References available upon request