Sun Buys Mysql

Excellent news. Sun acquires Mysql.

MySQL AB :: Kaj Arnö

Three Reasons why Sun bought MySQL

First: Sun has seen its technology base crumble with the rise of Microsoft on the enterprise site and Linux on the Anti-Microsoft side. They’re getting their ass kicked. Java has helped them slow their decline but even there they are not the only Java tool shop in town. Now with MySQL they have a chance. A while back they did a deal with Oracle where they sold a DB appliance with Oracle being the DB. I never saw one being used but it seemed like a great concept. The problem with these DBs is that they are a pain in the ass to tune to your hardware. With the appliance the DB will already be tuned to the hardware.

Second Sun gets to capitalize on its enterprise good name. MySQL is an excellent product but risk averse companies do not consider it an option. With sun’s name behind MySQL it will get an air of legitimacy. So Sun gets to add value to MySQL with very little effort and gets to reap the rewards of the legitimacy with little effort.

Last of all

Sun gets it sales force back in the Web based companies contact list. All these companies trying to be corporate citizens are sending Sun their $500 to pay for MySQL and while they are on the phone they get to hear about Sun’s new hardware lineup. Really when was the last time you went to Sun instead of Dell for your web server needs.

Written on January 16, 2008